Essential Oil Lab Quality Steam Distillation Kit Portable Cooker

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  • Shipped by EMS to the USA, Canada, Australian and New Zealand in 5-10 days plus 1-3 days preparation time
  • Classification: Graham Condenser
  • Joints: 24/40
  • PID: Essential Oil Distiller


  • 1500w Electronic Stove(220V OR 110V) 1pc
  • lab Iron Stands 1set
  • 2000ml 2 Neck Boiling Flask 1pc
  • 2000ml Filling Flask 1pc
  • Distillation Head With 50/40 And 24/40 Ground Joint 1pc
  • 300mm Graham Condenser With S35 And 24/40 Joint 1pc
  • Receiver/separatory Funnel With Teflon Stopcock,24/40 Joint 1pc
  • Glass Stopper 24/40 1pc
  • Plastic Clip 24/40 2pcs
  • Plastic Clip 45# 1pc
  • Stainless Steel Clip S35 1pc
  • Rubber Hose 2 Meters
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Essential Oil Steam Distillation Kit, Lab Apparatus, W/Hot Stove, Graham Condenser



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