Authentic JinHao Cartridgeless Fountain Pen .5mm Nib 18k Gold Plated Tip

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Item specifics
  • Product: High Quality Deluxe Fountain Pen
  • Cartridge:  Cartridgeless with ink feeder feature – ink bottle needed
  • Nib Material& Type: Iraurita Standard Tip
  • Pen Material:  Full metal body
  • Tip Material: 18k gold plated on metal 
  • Packaging: Plastic bag  with Bag
  • Writing Point: 0.5mm
  • Model Number: 450GT
  • Free Gift: pen bag
  • Body Color: Black.
  • Size: Length 14cm.
  • Weight: 30g



  • Refined, Elegant Executive Model
  • Fashionable personality
  • Exquisite pattern
  • Smooth writing and
  • Delicate cap
  • Metal golden colored clip
JinHao Deluxe Fountain Pen
JinHao Deluxe Fountain Pen

****Here are samples of writing from clients’ feedback


****about the use****

The pen has “ink feeder” inside, no need for cartridge.


The original pen does not include ink (because ink is liquid, we are not allowed to ship it). 

Please buy a bottle of ink, from Local School Supplies Store, to recharge the pen.

The following picture is for sample only, and Most ink is fine for our fountain pen.




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