Cross Stitch Oriental Fisherman Boat Waterfalls Waterfowl


  • Beginner for 43.31 inch model (not full stitch)
  • Upper beginner to intermediate for smaller sizes (all other sizes are full stitch)
  • Intermediate to advanced for the larger and silk version sizes as well as the ‘diamond’ model
  • No detailed instructions included, so you must have some experience with cross stitching
  • Colors are clearly indicated on the pattern – go ahead and take up the challenge!
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  • BUYERS’ ALERT!   Stock on Sale is in VERY Limited Supply!
  • Pattern Type: Oriental Scene
  • Material: 100% Cotton and/or silk; 5D model diamond-like cut resin
  • Full Cross Stitch except for the 3D model
  • Use: Lovely Mural decoration for home or office
  • Note: photos are NOT to scale
  • SELECT SIZE AND MATERIAL BELOW – DEFAULT IS SMALLEST SIZE & COTTON – consider silk for awesome effects
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  1. 11ct canvas. One thread must be divided into 3 strands.
  2. The pattern has been printed on the cloth, so before finishing stitching, the cloth cannot touch any water, otherwise the printed part will disappear. Full stitch vs 3D/5D. Full stitch or embroidery is the normal version, and this means that all the grids on the picture need to be cross stitched. All the printed patterns will  wash off with water. The full stitch version usually takes a long time to complete and is more for upper beginner to intermediate for smaller sizes and intermediate to advance skill level for the larger sizes.
  3. 3D/5D are new versions which means the background is printed on the canvas permanently and cannot be washed off because it’s  You only need to stitch the main part. It is easier and faster than full stitch.
  4. All of our models here on this page are full stitch versions of the Oriental Scene except for the 43.31 inch model which is not a full stitch version.  The latter is known as a 3D version and takes less time to complete because only part of the model needs to be cross stitched. 
  5. You’ll love the challenge of cross-stitching and the joy of framing your own thatched roof cottage garden scene.
  6. Note that silk has its own challenges to work with and leaves a special semi-gloss effect (see photos below).

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43.31 x 17.72 inches 3D Cotton, 57.48 X 22.83 inches Cotton, 57.48 X 22.83 inches Silk, 72.83 x 32.28 inches Cotton, 72.83 x 32.28 inches Silk, 35.43 x 19.69 'Diamond' 5D resin bead art


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