Q & A About Our Elegant Body Art Temporary Tattoos

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Q&A About Our Temporary Tattoos and Safety Precautions:

  1. Are the temporary tattoos water resistant?

All of our stickers are waterproof but only if you avoid to rubbing it and keep it dry for 2 hours when you first put it on. After 2 hours, please DO NOT keep rubbing it nor shower with extremely hot water.

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  1. Are the temporary tattoos toxic?

This question is a good one because the temporary tattoos are directly in contact with your skin. Our products are 100% safe & guaranteed by a national certificate issued after lab tests. The EU standard pigments are definitely non-toxic and have been on sale now for many years. Safety precautions: However, the pigments are not necessarily hypoallergenic. If you have known allergies, you should test a small temporary tattoo first. Don’t test it on your face, though.


  1. How long does a tattoo last?
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Normally the tattoos can last for 3-5 days depending on your activities and how you treat them.

  1. Does it looks like the real tattoo?

Almost but not quite. Since a real tattoo can’t be easily removed and changed, there will be some differences between the temporary tattoos and a real one.  Important Hints: 1) every time before putting on a temporary tattoos, you can spread some talcum powder on the sticker for 15 seconds and then wash it lightly. You might see that the reflection of the temporary tattoos become more natural and shiny. 2) after you allow the temporary tattoo to dry on your skin for a few minutes, take a round pencil or pen and roll it on the tattoo.

  1. Can a temporary tattoos be easily removed?

Yes. The temporary tattoos can be easily removed by alcohol. Moisten the temporary tattoo with rubbing alcohol and wait for 30-50 seconds but don’t let the alcohol dry. Then rub it with a cotton swab or make up sponge for 10 or more seconds that has been moistened in alcohol.


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